Many of you must be wondering why it is very important to get a Vmobile tarpaulin. As a business person it is highly recommended to place an advertisement about your business or product and one way to do it is by showing people what your business is through your tarpaulins. As you can see many big companies still do it but in a more sophisticated and expensive way like in huge billboard signs. As a sole business owner like us technopreneurs and technousers it is not wise to spend huge amount of money   for a billboard though it would be a great idea anyhow. This is why the company, Vmobile Tecnologies Inc., included two dedicate tarpaulins for those who will register as a Technopreneur.

That means you don’t need to worry about advertising your business because you will have a material to use for this purpose. Make sure you will place your tarpaulins within your property to avoid hassles and legal confrontation from the owner of the place in case it isn’t your preperty. For technousers, unfortunately there are no dedicated tarpaulins for them but you can get one for yourself in any Vmobile IBC at a very affordable price. If you can afford it you can buy a customized tarpaulin and put whatever you want to appear on it in any tarpaulin making shops.

 You can place it anywhere as long as you have permission. Some teams offer their own design of tarpaulins so you can also ask your team leader or upline in case you need a new style of tarpaulins. Another great tip in advertising your business is by giving away flyers about vmobile to every person who will inquire about it. Again, you can coordinate with your upline or team if they have a sample template of flyers you can print out and use.     

It is a lot better if you place your Vmobile tarpaulins outside your house so that people will start to notice your business. Eventually, your neighbors will get curious what it is about and so they will start to inquire about it. This is actually the easiest way of advertising without any cost because the company will provide you of two tarpaulins the moment you register as a Technopreneur so make the most out of it. It will be stupid if you will not use it and leave it to rot forever in your closet. If you don’t use your tarpauline that only means you don’t believe in your business or product and that you are not confident enough about it because you are afraid that people will find out and that you don’t know how to explain well. My suggestion is to study the business well and start placing those Vmobile Tarpaulins in front of your house.

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In reality...
You go to school, 2yrs Nursery + 2yrs Kindergarten + 6 yrs Elementary + 4 yrs in High School + 4 yrs in College. Total of 18 yrs of your life spent for school.

Now, you’re very lucky, you got a job and paid a salary of P10,000 a month. Meaning, in 10 years, you can earn P1,200,000.00 Wow!! Big income! Can this buy a car? YES! Can this buy a house? YES!!

Ahem, ahem…With this money, you can buy a car and a house IF:for 10 years, sa kapitbahay ka makikikain, makiki-shampoo, makikiligo ka, makiki-toothpaste, makiki plantsa ng uniform mo and makiki sakay ka sa jeep, bus or tricycle. Can you really save 10,000 a month?

In reality, the income of an average wage earner is not enough. So, what really happens when you receive your salary? Is your income enough to pay for your necessities? If it’s not enough, what will be the most logical thing to do? Borrow money, 5/6, prenda ang ATM, January pa lang nakaprenda na ang 13th month. Bury yourself in debt. Once you receive your salary, pay back the debt. Once you’ve paid it off, what’s left of the money is not enough. Again get into the debt!…It becomes a vicious cycle.

Employment is good but we need cash.

What if you got sick? or Retired? or Fired? Do you have plan B?

We are not talking about money here. We are talking about the TIME that you can save instead of working for 10 years–and away from your family.

“Your FUTURE is created by what you do TODAY… NOT TOMORROW”
By now, you may may be thinking, "Paano kaya ako kikita ng ganito?"

Photo thanks to Ed Yourdon under a creative commons licence 
I used to be a full time employee pero hindi sapat yung kinikita ko for 9 hours in the office so suma'side line pa ko ng mga homebased jobs to have an extra income just to meet both ends...I'm sure marami sa inyo ang nakaka relate sa ganitong klase ng working habit...then I suddenly realized na hindi ako pwedeng habang buhay na ganito because I know I am better than this!

One thing that came into my mind is one way and the only best way to stop all this long hours of hard work is to start a business.

Naisip ko dapat talaga may investment ako para kahit nag tatrabaho ako e may kita pa rin ako on the side...syempre mas marami kang source of income mas maganda...kaso ang problema ko naman nun e anong business nga ba ang magandang gawin?

Nag pa 5-6 ako pero hindi ako nasisiyahan sa kita ko dun...nagtinda na ako ng kung ano ano pero barya barya lang ang kita. God is so good talaga kasi during the time na nagiisip ako ng magandang negosyo pinakita nya saken ang opportunity kaya ni'grab ko talaga agad.

Si Lord naman kasi nagpapakita yan sayo ng opporunity para tugunan mga prayers mo pero minsan we are too blind to see na yun na yung sagot sa dasal naten kasi mga Pinoy likas na matatakutin mag risk.

Buti na lang tinapangan ko sarili ko at nagtiwala ako kay God. Alam ko naman na hindi ako dadalhin ni God sa maling negosyo e and I am so happy of the results right now. Madami ako natutunan pag dating sa pag improve ng personality lalong lalo na ng mindset ko. I should say I am a far better person than I was right now. 

Yung feeling na abot kamay mo na lahat ng pangarap mo e napaka sarap na feeling na. Napaka life changing talaga ng mga na e-experience ko ngayon. 


Kung gusto mo magkaron ng malaking pagbabago sa buhay mo pm mo ako

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    I used to be a full time employee until I finally realized that I am better than this. I decided to look for other ways to earn money in the internet. I used my skills and knowledge online and now I can say that my life is way better than I ever imagined.   


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