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In reality...
You go to school, 2yrs Nursery + 2yrs Kindergarten + 6 yrs Elementary + 4 yrs in High School + 4 yrs in College. Total of 18 yrs of your life spent for school.

Now, you’re very lucky, you got a job and paid a salary of P10,000 a month. Meaning, in 10 years, you can earn P1,200,000.00 Wow!! Big income! Can this buy a car? YES! Can this buy a house? YES!!

Ahem, ahem…With this money, you can buy a car and a house IF:for 10 years, sa kapitbahay ka makikikain, makiki-shampoo, makikiligo ka, makiki-toothpaste, makiki plantsa ng uniform mo and makiki sakay ka sa jeep, bus or tricycle. Can you really save 10,000 a month?

In reality, the income of an average wage earner is not enough. So, what really happens when you receive your salary? Is your income enough to pay for your necessities? If it’s not enough, what will be the most logical thing to do? Borrow money, 5/6, prenda ang ATM, January pa lang nakaprenda na ang 13th month. Bury yourself in debt. Once you receive your salary, pay back the debt. Once you’ve paid it off, what’s left of the money is not enough. Again get into the debt!…It becomes a vicious cycle.

Employment is good but we need cash.

What if you got sick? or Retired? or Fired? Do you have plan B?

We are not talking about money here. We are talking about the TIME that you can save instead of working for 10 years–and away from your family.

“Your FUTURE is created by what you do TODAY… NOT TOMORROW”
By now, you may may be thinking, "Paano kaya ako kikita ng ganito?"

Photo thanks to Ed Yourdon under a creative commons licence 

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